Closing the Gap: Integrating Push and Pull Marketing

As I mentioned in my last post, Gap has a diverse target audience and thus advertises on many platforms and in many forms. In order to accomplish this, Gap utilizes push and pull marketing, both online and off.

Push marketing

Upon entering, Gap entices visitors to sign up for email notifications by offering 25% off if you submit your email address. They also advertise sales and specials on their website. Currently, there are two deals: 1-50% off sale styles when you use code “super” and 2-GapCash, which according to their site, “is a program for customers to get more savings at Gap. The coupons can be earned and redeemed during specific GapCash periods throughout the year at participating Gap stores and” They also advertise free shipping when you make a purchase of $50 or more.

Website popupBesides using the site for pull marketing, Gap sends eblasts regarding new clothing and accessories as well as information about upcoming sales or other specials. As I detailed last week, they also utilize traditional channels, such as outside advertising, print, and television. Read more about their use of traditional advertising on my blog here.

Gap is also known for being customer-centric, and thus Gap’s astute use of social media comes as no surprise. The brand is very active on social media and integrates it into all aspects of their advertising. Gap focuses on “driving conversation and deeper connections with consumers, embracing new platforms.” Last week, I touched upon how active Gap is on social media, posting frequently to multiple platforms. 

Pull marketing

Gap also utilizes pull marketing. You can sign up for their emails via the popup (pictured above) or by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage.

Outside of, Gap employs Google AdWords, Facebook ads and hashtags (see below) to grow their consumer and social media follower bases. The ads direct potential and current customers to their homepage or to an item the shopper may have viewed during a visit to their site. Also, you can also choose to follow Gap on their many social media accounts.Gap jeans



Gap also has a Tumblr that Gap fans can follow (see below). Like all Tumblr accounts, Gap’s is very picture heavy, including little text. For a clothing retailer this is the perfect medium for sharing new styles.

On Gap’s Tumblr, there are multiple sections you can peruse. Currently, they include Ads, Fashion, Music, (very similar to Pinterest), #DressNormalProject (follow Gap’s 5 city tour promoting their Dress Normal campaign) and Archive. All images are linked to the item(s) being featured so viewers can shop the items in the images.

Users can also share each post on your personal social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. And you can reblog onto your own Tumblr, too. Lastly, Tumblr allows users to sign up to receive email notifications when Gap posts a new Tumblr post.

While shopping, consumers can continue to be social via social share buttons. They can pin the item onto their personal Pinterest boards and also “like” an item via a Facebook Like button.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.04.40 AM

And, Gap hasn’t forgotten about mobile. According to one study, over one quarter (28%) of users now use their Smartphone to find product information on a regular basis and remains one of the most popular shopping activities to complete on a phone. is mobile-friendly and allows for easy purchases via smart phones. In addition to their mobile-friendly site, Gap has an app available on iOS and Andriod, making mobile purchases even easier.

Looking ahead

Gap has recently shifted focus to online shopping, so it follows that Gap has a very well thought out website. They integrate social media into their website seemingly effortlessly — they’re engaging on social media and allow for engagement on the website. I do believe, however, they are missing a key feature on their website — online chat. I think they would benefit greatly by adding this service. With online chat customers are able ask questions about certain products or sizing. I have used online chats on various sites and have found them to be extremely helpful and time efficient. Also, I am (as I’m sure many others are) more likely to make an online purchase if I’m able to get my questions answered. Since Gap just recently made leadership changes in hope of creating an “integrated approach to building relationships with customers” and have announced shutting down Piperlime, maybe online chat will soon be implemented on


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