Whole Foods: Udon don’t know how much you mean to me

Dear Whole Foods Market,

Hi, there! I am a huge fan of your specialty grocery stores. Being a lacto-vegetarian (who eats vegan when possible!), your stores provide much needed vegan-friendly variety and organic foods, especially in the vegan option-lacking city of Miami. The produce is always fresh, the salad buffet and soup bar always delicious, the prepared foods consistently good, and the shelves always well-stocked. As a busy full-time professional and part-time graduate student, these options are very valuable to me. Luckily for me, a new Whole Foods location opened in Downtown Miami just a short Metromover ride away from my apartment, making it easier than ever for me to shop your healthy food options.

Being a (nearly) lifetime vegetarian, I’ve learned a great deal about health and nutrition in order to ensure my body was receiving the nutrients it needed. Though my knowledge is all self-taught, health is something I am very passionate about, and my family, friends and co-workers know this. I am constantly asked about food, its ingredients, and its health benefits, which is terrific because I love talking about it and enlightening others!

Just one of many great green smoothie recipes.

What we put in our bodies reflects how we feel and how our skin and body look, and I recognize the importance of this. I own a Vitamix and use it almost daily to blend up (mostly) organic, vegan smoothies, soups, and sauces. I know that being vegetarian means I have to carefully choose nutrient-rich meals and snacks. I supplement my vegetable- and fruit-packed diet with flaxseed, hemp hearts, chia seeds, nuts, vitamins and vegan protein powder. I also strive to stay healthy by exercising with my dog, Bandit. We run and walk in my neighborhood, Brickell, and I also do yoga.

Sun Salutation: Quick morning yoga work out.

Your grocery stores and all that they represent are clearly very attractive to me. Your commitment to quality food, to teaching others about healthy eating through your free cooking classes, to recycling and being as eco-friendly as possible (by carrying local, organic produce when possible and up-cycled clothing and other products), and to helping the poverty-stricken through your Whole Planet Foundation. I think my ideals, passion for health and nutrition and my lifestyle align perfectly with your brand.

Alton Brown’s shows describe the science behind the food he cooks and prepares.


Whole Foods’ social media is a great way to learn of new offerings, new recipes and food facts. I have been following your primary Facebook Page for a few years now, and I also follow Downtown Miami Whole Foods’ Facebook, too. Your loyal, passionate followers make for high engagement on your main page’s posts, but I think I could help to further your social media efforts on a local level. The Miami Whole Foods-only offerings, such as Versailles sandwiches, JugoFresh juices and Sushi Maki meals, help Miamians to feel a familiarity with Whole Foods even if they’ve never stepped foot in one of your stores before. Playing this aspect up and posting recipes, store events, and other local events are just a few ways I would help further Whole Foods’ social media efforts.

So, who am I professionally? My name in Megan Tague and I am a social media professional currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in social media at the University of Florida. I am the Social Media Director at a public relations firm named Kreps DeMaria Public Relations & Marketing. Besides managing our firm’s social media presence, our team has nine other clients for which I create strategies and oversee day-to-day online interactions and mentions of the brands.

I graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a finance degree, and soon after graduation accepted an internship with Irving, Texas-based MetLife Home Loans which turned into a manager role. Spending about six years in the Dallas area, meant that I frequented your headquarter city of Austin (and actually your flagship store in Downtown Austin a few times). Austin, with its many vegan restaurants and health-conscious residents, could not align better with the Whole Foods brand.

Working with your brand would combine my two passions — nutrition and social media. Please view my bio here and my personal brand Pinterest board here to get a better feel for who I am. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I’ll be shopping the produce aisles and the frozen food aisles of Downtown Miami’s Whole Foods Market!

Yours always,


My dog Bandit  staring up at me while I enjoy a homemade acai bowl (made with my Vitamix!).

My dog Bandit staring up at me while I enjoy a homemade acai bowl (made with my Vitamix!).


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